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Summer Brno and Christmas Brno tournaments

What system do we use for tournaments?

Tournaments are played using the Double Elimination format, which means that after the initial draw, in the first round all players are sorted into pairs to play a match. The winners then move to the right side of the bracket and create pairs for the second round, while the losers move to the left side of the bracket, where they are eliminated if they lose again.

Illustrative example of the Double Elimination tournament scheme:

After that classic play-off is applied:

Therefore, if a player loses in one of the three rounds on the right side of the bracket, they are not yet eliminated from the tournament and still have a chance to win the whole tournament. After the required number of rounds, the number of players on the right side of the bracket is reduced to two (in 16 players scheme) - the ones who won all their matches and therefore advance to the semifinals. Similarly, after five rounds on the left side of the bracket, only two players remain, who also advance to the semifinals. From this point on, it is a classic playoff, where the winner is decided in the finals. Losers of the semifinal matches play a match for the third place trophy.

The schedule of matches and the entire bracket is available online, and one of the tables is streamed live on our YouTube channel, where you can watch a recording afterwards.

How does a match work?

Once the match is ready to start (two opponents are paired and a table is available), the tournament director announces the players to the table. The number of games required to win the match is always predetermined (usually four or three). After shaking hands, the players play what is called "the leg", where they both send the white ball at the same time towards the top cushion back and forth and the player whose ball ends up closer to the bottom cushion has the right to choose who will start the match with a break shot. For the rest of the games, the winner of the previous game starts with the break shot. During the match, it is required for the non-playing player not to disturb the playing player (for example by not standing next to the table watching the opponent, ideally sitting in their seat). It is also not appropriate to speak to the playing player while they are aiming and shooting. It should also go without saying that the phone should be set to silent mode. As a matter of fair play, it is a standard rule that if a player commits a foul, they should immediately report it to their opponent.

How long does the tournament last?

SIndividual matches last on average between 20-40 minutes and sometimes do not immediately follow each other - player must first get a new opponent from other parallel matches. The amount of time a person spends at the tournament varies depending on their results - the least successful players finish in the tournament about an hour and a half after it started, while the winner usually leaves after six hours of playing (and sometimes waiting inbetween the matches).

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