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Do you like playing billiards and want to improve your skills? One of the activities offered by the Delta Billiard Brno sports club is also pool billiards instruction. After completing a series of coaching camps in Prague with renowned German coach Ingo Peter, the sports club has qualified pool billiards trainers with a Type C license from the Czech-Moravian Billiard Association. Lessons are given individually (or in pair with a friend or partner) after mutual agreement on the date and time of the lesson. The focus of the instruction can be adapted to meet your needs, ranging from explaining the rules of each discipline, how to properly prepare balls for break shots (actually most common and devastating mistake), demonstrating correct stance, grip, and stroke technique… to game tactics, controlling the white ball using rotation or explaining game etiquette.

The cost of a lesson is 400 CZK/hour (both table fee and coach included) and is payable in cash on the spot.

If you are interested or have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


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