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Official pool billiards competitions are held under the flag of ČMBS (Czech-Moravian Billiards Association). In addition to pool billiards, the association also includes carom (pocketless billiards) and snooker.

To participate in these competitions, it is necessary to be a member of ČMBS through one of the registered Czech clubs (in Brno we are the only registered pool billiards club - in the surrounding area, clubs such as TJ Sokol Hodonín or Royal Jihlava can be mentioned).

The competitions are conducted in a sportsmanlike manner - consumption of alcohol and other substances is prohibited, a specific dress code (Dress Code B - loafers, black pants, and a club logo polo shirt) and adherence to game etiquette is required. These official competition series are played on selected weekends as one-day or two-day tournaments.

The main individual poolbilliards competition is called the Czech Pool Tour and consists of regional qualifiers and subsequent national rounds (most often held in Prague).

In Brno, the regional competition of ČMPL (Czech-Moravian Pool League) - region Morava takes place directly at the Čajovna Utopia. It consists of four rounds played in the first half of the calendar year (each a one-day Saturday tournament starting at 10:00), where each of four rounds is played in a different discipline (9-ball, 10-ball, 8-ball, and Straight pool). Each of these tournaments is also a qualification for the national round played the next day, Sunday.

Another popular series during the first half of the calendar year are team competitions, where clubs compete through team matches in each round. A team match consists of three individual matches in which players play one on one in 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball disciplines. One club can register multiple teams into the competition.

The season then culminates in the autumn with National Championships played on dedicated weekends in separate categories for individuals, women, juniors and seniors - each category gradually in all four disciplines. The Championships are open for all registered players so every ČMBS member can apply for the Saturday qualifying rounds and hope to make it through for the TOP32 Sunday main event.

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